CATAPA is looking for collaborators!

  • Do you too want to put in your effort for a different world, in a relevant and concrete way?
  • Are you enthusiastic and looking for a concrete and action-driven commitment?
  • Do you want to work around (other) globalization, North-South relations and sustainable development?
  • Do you want to be of concrete significance to the farming communities in the South?

Become a CATAPA collaborator !

We are looking for thinkers and doers, experts and sympathizers, people that are looking for a long-term commitment and ad hoc collaborators, thematic experts and South collaborators, grafic designers and technicians,... In short, you don't need to be a specialist at all, you just need to be convinced that it's possible in the North as well as in the South to work on a just global society.

CATAPA offers a concrete custom-made commitment, depending on your time and possibilities. Contact us and we will get in touch with you!