CATAPA: Who we are

CATAPA is an emerging volunteer movement in Belgium. We are active in the fields of globalization (and how to change it) and sustainable development in Latin America. We focus on the mining industry by supporting farming communities endangered by multinational mining corporations.

CATAPA stands for Comité Académico Técnico de Asesoramiento a Problemas Ambientales, literally Technical Academic Committee for Assistance in Environmental Issues.

CATAPA, mining moves North & South

Due to demographic growth and economic liberalization, the number of mining exploitations has boomed over the last years. The mining industry's impact on the social, economic, cultural and ecological level is often disastrous and fundamentally unjust.

The economic policy that allows this is set out in the West, while the South suffers the negative consequences. We aim to alter these structural causes of poverty and exclusion by forming a resolute front with the social middle field in North and South. CATAPA intends to play a trailblazing role in Belgium as well as on an international level in order to address this aggravating issue and wants to offer alternatives for responsible mining.

CATAPA, a young volunteer movement

CATAPA was founded in 2005. We are about 100 young volunteers and over 1000 sympathizers strong. We offer a specific, action bound commitment for anyone who believes that another world is possible. By raising awareness, networking, research, lobbying and exchange we intend to make the mining industry as well as the consumption of metal more just for man and environment in North and South. So far CATAPA has been supporting farming communities in three countries: Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia.