PERU: Property Destruction and Intimidation of Peasant Family by Yanacocha Mining Company

Cajamarca, Peru – 6th February 2015

Chaupe case, Peru: Yanacocha's appeal for annulment declared INADMISSIBLE

(translation from Prensa Muqui, February 4th 2015)
In the middle of the unease and controversy generated by the violent incursion yesterday by the security forces of the mining company Yanacocha in the land occupied by the Chaupe family, which the company claims to be its property, the Judiciary of Cajamarca emitted the following communiqué:

How Dodd-Frank Is Failing Congo By Lauren Wolfe

Minerals are ruining lives. For several years now, in conversations about conflict and crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this has been a common refrain.

Running or changing the Red Queen’s race – a review of Ugo Bardi’s ‘Extracted’ - By Griet Juwet

In his book ‘Extracted – how the quest for mineral wealth is plundering the planet’ (2014), Ugo Bardi looks at the depletion process of mineral resources. He gives an overview of how the earth’s valuable resources were formed in a delicate process that took billions of years. He also looks at the history of mining and the close relation between resources and society, showing how important empires in the course of human history have always depended on wealth created by the extraction of relatively cheap minerals.

The assault of corporations on rural Romania: Our events to raise awareness.

There are stunningly many similarities of mining in Romania and other places. Therefore CATAPA volunteers joined international activist gatherings in Romania earlier this year, and recently a demonstration in Brussels bringing the message “No cyanide mining and no fracking!” from the Romanian people to parliamentarians in Brussels. The event was spearheaded by activist Alexandru Popescu who set a sign by walking 3000km to claim his rights as a European citizen.  EU legislation and resource strategies that favour new extraction directly impact on all member states.

What to do when we run out of gold? Re-claiming the post-mining landscape – a vision for the West Rand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Griet Juwet and Marjolein Lyssens



Mining in the West Rand

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