Chaupe case, Peru: Yanacocha's appeal for annulment declared INADMISSIBLE

alvaro portales
(translation from Prensa Muqui, February 4th 2015)
In the middle of the unease and controversy generated by the violent incursion yesterday by the security forces of the mining company Yanacocha in the land occupied by the Chaupe family, which the company claims to be its property, the Judiciary of Cajamarca emitted the following communiqué:
"The Criminal Court of Appeals of Cajamarca of the Supreme Court of Cajamarca, which had as deponent and director of debates Superior Judge Elard Zavalaga Vargas, and integrated by President Oscar Gilberto Vásquez Arana and Superior Judge Jorge Fernando Bazán Cerdán, declares the appeal for annulment made by Mining Company Yanacocha S.R.L. against the judgement of December 17th 2014, inadmissible. The judgement revokes the decision emitted by the Judge of the Unipersonal Court of the Celendín province and absolved Jaime Chaupe Lozano, Elías Abraham Chávez Rodríguez, Máxima Acuña Atalaya and Ysidora Chaupe Acuña of the juridical accusation of the crime of seizure.
In the judgement of December 17th 2014, the Criminal Court of Appeals of Cajamarca ordered the annulment of the antecedents created against the accused, as well as the cessation of preventive eviction and provisional ministrations of the possession of the land “Tragadero Grande” in favor of the offended company, ordered through resolution number three of December twenty two of the year two thousand eleven by the Preliminary Investigation Judge of Celendín.”