Woe, 25/02/2015 (Hele dag) - Zon, 08/03/2015 (Hele dag)

                 Academic week speakers tour 2015

This year the academic week will be held between the 23th of February and the 8th of March. With us will be three very interesting guest speakers: Nancy Fuentes León from Peru and Roxana Pencea and Tudor Bradatan from Romania.

Nancy is an MSc in Local Development and a resident of Cajamarca region, Peru. She will come to share her experience with the mining sector, tell us about the influence of this industry in the region and elaborate on the Cajamarca resistant movement.

Roxana specializes in communication campaigns for environmental issues. Next to her work for Mining Watch Romania she has been for 5 editions, the press officer for FanFest, the most important environmental festival in Romania as well continuously supports environmentally groups to transmit messages to the media. In the last two years she developed informative and educational material for children regarding organic agriculture. Since 2008, Roxana included in her projects information activities about fair trade in Romania

Tudor Bradatan is an MSc in Social Communication. He is working as a communication coordinator and member of the coordinating team of the campaign ´Save Rosia Montana`, Romania`s most important environmental campaign. He will come to share his experiences as a professional activist and inform us about the Rosia Montana goldmine and about the mobilization of a social movement that has effectively blocked the development of the mining project for over 10 years.

During the academic week our speakers will be giving guest lectures in universities all around the country. Next to these guest lectures, also conferences will be organized. These conferences are free and open to anyone who is interested!

At this moment we can confirm to you the following events (more will be confirmed later – so keep checking the website to stay up to date):

Wednesday 25th of February: Doculatino. With an introduction from Nancy Fuentes Leon. KU Leuven Sociale Wetenschappen, AV 2.17, Parkstraat 45, 3000 Leuven. From 20h to 22.00h

Thursday 26th of February at the campus of KU Leuven in Brussels: Nancy will speak to you about the case of goldmining in Cajamarca. From 17.30 – 19.30. Address:  T’Serclaesgebouw, Stormstraat 2, 1000 Brussel

Friday 27th of February: Nancy at La Casa De America Latina, Collégestraat 27 in 1050 Brussels. From 19.30 – 21.30 (in Spanish / French)

Sunday 1st of March: Breakfast with a Rebel. Come to have breakfast with the guest speakers Nancy, Tudor and Roxana and talk to them in person! 09.00 – 13.00 te ABVVVrijdagsmarkt, 9000 Gent (ABVV Vrijdagsmarkt) subscribe:

Monday 2nd of March: De globale impact van open pit mijnbouw met Nancy Fuentes Leon. VTK, Aditorium Kasteel Arenberg, Heverlee. 19.30h 21.30h Free reception after the lecture

Tuesday 3th of March: Guest Lecture: The Social, Economic and Ecological Impact of Extractive Industries in Peru. With Nancy Fuentes Leon. KDGH Antwerpen. Campus Groenplaats. Grote aule. Nationalestraat 5. From 18.15 - 20.15h

Wednesday 4th of March at Wageningen (Holland): Lunch debate (12.15 – 13.30) at Leeuwenborch and evening lecture (18.15 – 21.00) With Tudor Bradatan, Nancy Fuentes Leon, Elisabet Rasch, Michiel Kohne and Gerard Verschoor. Forum, Wageningen Campus

Thursday 5th of March: Debate: Grondstof voor Discussie. Mondiale Cafés, Zébrastraat, 9000 Gent Met Raf Custers, Judith Sarghentini(EUGroen), John Wante (Ovam), John Van Daele(MO*) en Nancy Fuentes Leon (GRUFIDES) 

Friday 6th of March: Vreemde Tafels. With Tudor Bradatan, Roxana Pencea and Nancy Fuentes Leon. Virginiastraat 3, 9000 Gent from 18h to 22h

Saturday 7th of March: Benefit Evening from 18.00 – 23.00h in Gent (Buurtcentrum Brugse Poort, Kokerstraat 36 Gent) With Nancy Fuentes Leon subscribe: