March against fracking and cyanide mining in Brussels

Maa, 01/12/2014 - 10:00 - 13:00

Join in to walk the last kilometers of Alexandru Popoescu from Romania to Europe's capital to protest against allowing for desctructive fracking and cyanide mining in Romania and Europe. The march also is a celebration of Romanians from several countries coming together in Brussels of their National Day and to show that they want their country not to be be a resource mined dump of Europe. Here you find always the most actual information about the march! 

Alexandru brings the European institutions and parliament the loud and clear message of the Romanian civil society: NO FRACKING, NO CYANIDE! He hopes that other people in Europe will join his walk or will start their own walks and meet at destination, to speak clear and loud together! 

The Romanian activists in Brussels are warmly inviting you to join them!

As on Decemebr 1st there will be strikes, you could try to carpool, you can use the event page or mail us  to organsie or ifyou offer a ride to Brussels!

On December 9th Alexandru will be joining CATAPA and Climaxi in Ghent to talk about fracking and mining in the Vredeshuis! There you can get also a short general overview about hazards of fracking and open cast gold mining with cyanide.  Invite your friends!