Wanted: campaign volunteer


CATAPA is an emerging volunteer movement in Belgium. We are active in the fields of globalization (and how to change it) and sustainable development in Latin America. We focus on the mining industry by supporting farming communities endangered by multinational mining corporations. CATAPA was founded in 2005. We are about 100 young volunteers and over 1000 sympathizers strong. We offer a specific, action bound commitment for anyone who believes that another world is possible. By raising awareness, networking, research, lobbying and exchange we intend to make the mining industry as well as the consumption of metal more just for man and environment in North and South. So far CATAPA has been supporting farming communities in three countries: Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia

CATAPA stands for Comité Académico Técnico de Asesoramiento a Problemas Ambientales, literally Technical Academic Committee for Assistance in Environmental Issues. More info: www.catapa.be and www.goudeerlijk.be



We are looking for 1 European volunteer who wants to work for CATAPA for oseven months. We prefer Dutch speaking volunteers because our campaign GOUD:EERLIJK? is focusing on the awareness of the consument/jewelers/industry and financial part in the Flanders, Belgium. The campaign is an initiative of CATAPA, Ecolife and NBV and will take three years in total. In September 2012 we will start our second campaign year.  In this year we're going to focus our activities on raising the public's awareness, during the Valentine period.

His/her tasks will be the educative and awareness part of the campaign by elaborating workshops, power points, development of educative programs, preparing the public Valentine action,...

The final tasks will be defined in dialogue with the candidate-volunteer.

The volunteer will start as soon as possible.



None, every body who believes in a better, different world can work with CATAPA.

  • Openness with different cultures,  willingness and flexibility to work within a dynamic team of volunteers.
  • Interest and/of experience in North-South and/of ecological movement is an added value.
  • Spanish or English speaking is an added value.
  • Independent worker and taking initiatives.
  • Background knowledge of the mining problems in the South is also an added value but not required.



This call is part of the ‘Youth in Action’ program, action 'european Volunteerswork in the European Commission.  (http://www.youthinaction.nl/eCache/DEF/1/02/444.html). This means that expenses of the volunteers (accommodation, food, transport and languages courses), will be paid.


Interest or more information?

Please send your CV and motivation letter to charlotte.christiaens[at]catapa.be as soon as possible.

Charlotte Christiaens


skype: charlotte.christiaens