In-depth research

CATAPA provides technical and legal support to NGO’s in Latin America. The working group on study responses on specific questions from southern organisations or from other working groups. One of the essential aspects in our movement is doing research.

CATAPA focuses in its research on all aspects of science. This relates to globalisation and liberalisation, ecological, social and economic sustainability, health risks, alternative mining, and national and international law.

The working group on study is divided into following three subgroups:

  • Working group on Technical Support
  • Working group on Legal Support
  • Academic Working group on Sustainable Mining

The technical and legal working groups analyse, for example, the socio-economic and the ecological impact of mining. They assess the technical environmental impact assessments or study international law. The academic working group on sustainable mining cooperates with Belgian universities in doing multidisciplinary research for alternatives and on sustainable mining.

Intelligent people

In order to provide in-depth research, CATAPA cooperates with students and newly graduated. The working group on study is always looking for diverse profiles of experts in one of the following domains: sociologists, anthropologists, lawyers, biological and civil engineers, economists, biologists,…).

Let us know if you are willing to share your knowledge and skills with us (by sending an e-mail to info[at], or have a look here for more information on our volunteer policy.