Gold in your computer, silver around your wrist, coltan in your mobile, copper inside your house. Metals and minerals are massively extracted and the extractions still increase due to the ongoing demand. Northern mining corporations make big money and continue search for natural resources in the south. This takes place in countries where governmental enacted regulations aren’t too strict and financial climate is good. The consequences for, and impact on local communities are huge. 

CATAPA wants to inform the Flemish people about those aspects. We try to raise awareness among students and recently graduated about the environmental impact of mining and the globalisation process behind it. We do this by organising all sorts of activities, info moments and debates.

Amazement at info moments

At our info moments we organise testimonials by young people who saw the problems with their own eyes. We focus for instance on two cases in Bolivia and Peru where human rights violations, murder and torture are daily business. Thousands of farmer families and vulnerable ecosystems are threatened in their existence. CATAPA wants to raise awareness about this in Flanders.

CATAPA is trying to put attention to these problems and share its experience. We do this by analysing existing cases in Peru, Guatemala, and Bolivia. Meanwhile we place these cases in its broader global perspective and promote our activities over here and in the South.

Have a look in our calendar to find the dates of our next info moments or contact us to join and to share your experiences .