Networking & lobbying

Partnership International

Our goal is to set up an international network with unions, environmental movements, developmental movements, peace movements, and politicians to pursue the problems in the field of the extractive industries and the globalization. We try to get attention to the problems (in general and in relation to some specific mining cases) and to put them on the political agendas. There are a lot of international networks that work on extractive industries. Click here, to get a summary.

Partnership National

We cooperate with a lot of partners in Flanders and Belgium. We already have organised actions with : Broederlijk Delen, 11.11.11., FIAN, Netwerk Vlaanderen, and the universities of Antwerp, Ghent, and Leuven. We also try to raise awareness (specifically addressed to the youths, students and recently graduated) on the environmental impact of mining and globalisation.

We try to achieve this goal by organising various activities, info moments, debates, …

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