4 community consultations on mining in October in Guatemala

October 2010 is a month that will be long remembered in the highlands of Guatemala. In that month, 4 community consultations will take place on the issue of mining. That would be the 43rd, 44th, 45th and 46th community consultation at the municipal level in the highlands.

It is noteworthy that so far in all the consultations that have taken place, the population has unanimously spoken out against mining.

Start campaign 'Mining in Paradise? No-go zones for Mining' - Ghent, Belgium

Three years ago thousands of farmers of North-Peru rejected the Rio Blanco mining project. Between cloud forests and páramos, they want a future for their organic export-oriented agriculture. Civic society of four provinces demand their territory to be declared no-go zones for mining. Sign the petition now!

Thursday 16th September the campaign starts in Ghent, Belgium.

Download the press dossier (EN).

Peru Europe Platform: Step backwards on Human Rights

Members of the Peru Europe Platform (PEP) join with the Peruvian National Coordinator of Human Rights (CNDDHH) and strongly express their concern regarding the package of laws approved by the Peruvian government, under powers given to them by Congress regarding police and military matters. PEP also urges the European Union and its member states to denounce the adoption of these laws which could provide a legal framework to provide impunity to state agents suspected and convicted of human rights atrocities committed during the twenty years of internal armed conflict that Peru experienced between 1980 and 2000 and which left approximately 70,000 victims.

President of Supreme Court Responsible for Illegal Acquisition of Communal lands

That the mining activities of the Marlin Mine in San Miguel Ixtahuacán, exploited by Montana Exploradora, subsidiary of Goldcorp, constitute violations of human and indigenous rights and of Guatemalan law has been a known fact from the onset. Now, the excellent legal researchers of the mining resistance movement in the west of Guatemala, brought to light that the act of buying of the lands of San Miguel constituted a mere crime to Guatemalan law. The person accused of this crime is no one less than the current president of the Supreme Court of Guatemala.

New Evidence Supports Suspension of Guatemalan Mine

Three new reports find human rights violations, water contamination, and other concerns at Marlin gold mine

[PRESS RELEASE] CATAPA worried about increased violence in Guatemala

Government of Guatemala responsible for increased violence against local population

With the greatest urgency CATAPA asks the suspension of all activities of the Marlin mine and the application of the other precautionary measures which the Interamerican Commission for Human Rights requested of the Guatemalan government.

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