Hunger strike in Cajamarca

The 18th of June, on the 19th day of the regional strike against the Conga mining project, a hunger strike was initiated. This dramatic method of non-violent resistance shows the despair of some protesters. It is an ultimate attempt to draw the attention of the Peruvian government, who has been ignoring the voice of the Cajamarcan people since the installation of the Conga project.

The strike in Cajamarca - rights violated


The strike in Cajamarca continues, day 15 was a sad day for democracy in Cajamarca, Peru. The strike intensified, when more delegations from different parts of the region came to Cajamarca to join the protest. All over the city people marched, making clear that they do not want the project to go through. The police responded with grave violence, this way violating a fundamental right to demonstrate. Tear gas was used excessively, people were beaten, journalists were harassed, their cameras were stolen, … . Over 10 people were injured (official numbers differ), 6 people were arrested and held incommunicado.

The Conga impasse - high stakes, high risks


After the publication of the international expert report, president Humala announced that the Conga project is viable, if the mining company is willing to adjust the exploitation plans to the environmental recommendations, proposed by the experts. One of the main recommendations is the preservation of two mountain lakes, that, according to the company’s original plans, normally would had to be displaced. How did the different stakeholders respond to this statement?


The strike in the region of Cajamarca went by peacefully

The strike at Cajamarca - april 11, 2012

The strike announced for the 11th of April , which took place in three most important  provinces of the region of Cajamarca, came to an end without any incidents. No confrontations with the police were reported, the interprovincial transport went fluently.

Militarization in Cajamarca preceding publication of expert report on Conga

Just a few days before the publication of the international expert report on the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Conga mining project, the Peruvian government decided to send army and National Police squads to the localities that would be affected by extractive activities.

DocuLatino 4

CATAPA presents - from February 14th until March 15th - DocuLatino IV, a Latin American documentary festival. This edition puts forward the problems of the gold mining and oil industry.

While big transnational corporations make lots of profits, countries in the Souts are left with a huge social and ecological mess. Local ecosystems are devastated, rural communities lose their farmland, toxic products poison the drinking water for years. The consequences are desastrous, and often irreversible.

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