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Support CATAPA and become a member! 

  • For 5 €/ year you are a member of CATAPA 
  • For 30 €/ year you are a supporting member. You also get the CATAPA fotobook as present! 

As a member you stay in contact with CATAPA, and you support the fight of our partners and volunteers against large scale mining projects in Latin America. In return we keep you informed via an internal newsletter and you get reduction to CATAPA activities. 

You can fill in the from below, and transfer the sum to the account of CATAPA BE49 9795 2861 7871, mentioning " your name+membership+ the  year you want to get member for". For example " Max Mustermann, membership 2015" 

You always become a member for the calender year in which you transfer the money. If you do that after 31.8, you are a member until 31 December of the following year. If you get a member in September 2014, the membership lasts until December 2015.