Our partners


In countries where CATAPA is currently active (for now Peru, Bolivia and Guatemala), we are working together with local or national NGO’s. These we call ‘partners’ or partnerorganisations. This partnering is coordinated by the country workgroups such as the Peru, Bolivia and Guatemala workgroup.

CATAPA is collaborating with VIMA (Vicaría del Medio Ambiente) from Peru, CEPA (Centro de Ecología y Pueblos Andinos) from Bolivia and COPAE (Comisión Pastoral Paz y Ecología) from Guatemala.

Also in Belgium, Europe and worldwide we work together with different organisations and institutions. These are our network - and lobbying contacts. Depending on the type of organisation we have a different king of cooperation, coordinated by the Workgroup Networking and Lobbying.

We also want to stimulate de activities of CATAPA in other countries. For instance we are currently also thinking about the creation of CATAPA in Spain. We are actively working on partnering activities with the Latino comunities in Belgium respecting the special role of migrants as witnesses and highly motivated people.

In our mission- and vision text you can find more details about ideas on diversity and integration.

You can find more on our networking contacts here.