Skoop op Grondstoffen: Altiplano (movie)

Tue, 10/03/2015 - 19:30 - 21:30

In the Andes an intoxication with mercury was discovered. There were several victims. A woman whose husband was one of the victims, went to investigate and gets involved with a bunch of Western mining companies... 

This beautiful movie is introduced by the moviemakers themselves, and commented by a Peruvian guest.

Belgium/Germany/The Netherlands – 2009 – 109 min. – Dutch subtitles - Direction and screenplay: Peter Brosens en Jessica Woodworth


Where: Studio Skoop (Sint-Annaplein 63, 9000 Ghent)

Tickets: € 7 (presale possible by UITbureau)

Movie series Skoop op grondstoffen, in collaboration with Broederlijk Delen, EVA vzw, WWF, Protos, Vrede vzw, Bos+, CATAPA en Belmundo.


During the month March 'Skoop op Grondstoffen' ('Skoop on raw materials') presents each Tuesday a movie in Studio Skoop.

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